church assessment survey

thursday, june 6-friday, June 21

St. Paul's has an important upcoming opportunity, for which we need your prayerful insights, observations, and opinions.  As part of our ongoing desire to be faithful stewards and servants, the leadership of our congregation have decided to undertake a diagnostic assessment.  It is called ChurchTech's Fruitbearing Congregation Health Assessment. There are various components to this assessment - but your participation is key to making it work.


Please be aware of a few things. First, your honest feedback is essential for this process to produce the most useful information. Second, your participation is kept completely anonymous.  Third, we invite you to pray now that this process will bless all of us with wisdom. 


Please follow this link for the Survey.


If you do not have a computer or Internet, you are welcome to use one of the laptop computers set-up in the Counting Room.  During office hours, we can even provide modest technical support!


Peace be with you!

The Rev. Dr. Brad Miller