vacation bible school

Vacation Bible School Thank You


   The theme this year was "Daniel, Living with Courage in Uncertain Times."  Everyone had a great time enjoying a weekend of studying God’s Word through the book of Daniel.  The youth enjoyed skits, singing songs, playing games, watching video snippets, and  making crafts.


   Thank you for the delicious meals provided by each of these Lutheran Women's Circles: Bonnie Bost, Kathy Ketchie, Hama Lingle, and Grace Ridenhour.  Sunday, August 12, ended the  VBS program with a Family Night, which includes the children singing, a hotdog and hamburger cookout provided by the Youth & Family Committee and Amy Barringer, Gina Barringer, Jamie Drew, Tim Free, Brent and Lisa Monroe, and Bethany Whisnant, with desserts provided by the parents and other church members.


    Many, many "Thank You's" go to all who helped make VBS a success this year.  George Barringer, Henry Barringer, Luke Barringer, Dana Bost, John Canup, Dan Funderburk, Grace Funderburk, Allyson Harkey, Evan Harkey, Matt and Lauren Holland, Lindsay and Judy Lowman, Rev. DJ Lura, Stan McConnell, Caleb Orbison, Alan Powlas, Garrett Powlas, Kenneth Whisnant, and Lauren Whisnant did a great job of making our stories come to life.  Danielle Canup, Melissa Harkey and Donna Johnson inspired creativity with crafts.  Steven Stringer, Allyson Harkey, and Brenda Julian helped bring out the inner talents with music.  Dana Bost and Todd Harkey energized our kids with games.  The kids enjoyed Tim Free sharing how the video snippets applied to every day life.


    Thank you to the group leaders: Lori Bernhardt, Ciji Fisher, Chloe Lombard, and Mita Powlas (Nursery); Perry Bernhardt, Heather Canup, Josh Canup, Rev. DJ Lura, and Lauren Whisnant (Pre-K); Susan Bernhardt and Libby Bingham (K-1st Grade); Bonnie Hinson and Terri Powlas (2nd Grade); Donna Lyerly and Kim Pepper (3rd Grade); Eric Barringer and Linda Shirley (4th Grade); and Chloe Monroe and Kenneth Whisnant (5th Grade).


   Thank you to these Teams who worked behind the scenes: Decorations (Susan Bernhardt, Dana Bost, Kara Burnett, John Canup, Jimmy Earnhardt, Dan, Katie, and Grace Funderburk, Allyson Harkey, Evan Harkey, Matt and Lauren Holland, German Jaramillo, Julie Jaramillo, Lindsay and Judy Lowman, Donna Lyerly, Stan McConnell, Alan Powlas, Garrett Powlas, Jeff Powlas, and Lauren Whisnant); Prayer (Carolyn Canup, Jenny Earnhardt, Mary Lee Earnhardt, and Teresa Linker); Registration (Genevieve Baker, Henry Barringer, Jamie Drew, and Matt Holland); Publicity (Genevieve Baker and Matt Holland); and Tech Support (John Canup, Tim Deal, Evan Harkey, and Matt Holland).


   Thank you again to everyone who made this year's VBS program so successful!