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    Most of the kids and grandkids have gone back to school.  There is a change in the air because we are on the cusp of Fall.  To me this time of the year is a time of reflection.  You may be in the season of your life and there is a new change in your life.  You may be an empty nester for the first time or perhaps this is your first year without a parent.  You may have recently lost a pet.  You may find yourself divorced and wondering what life has for you.


    Have hope during these times in your lives.  God is ever present and a help in the times that we do not understand and especially during the different seasons of our lives.  Embrace those changes because with change there is growth.  This growth should be led by the Word of God “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18)  When you stretch and grow because of changes in your life, be at peace because God will bless you with new ideas and blessings to sustain you during these changes.


    If you are a parent suffering from being lonely when your children go off to college or that preschooler goes to kindergarten, embrace that time to spend time with God and perhaps develop new interests during your time away.  God will always show you the perfect opportunity for newness and growth within yourself.


    If you are going through a divorce or other separation, cling to God and ask him to lead and guide you. These changes in your life will give you the opportunity to show the light of Jesus in all that you do and say. Count it joy when you go through persecution, Jesus has already gone before you and bore these hurts by his gift to us in dying on the cross.


    God himself is near to the brokenhearted and you are special to him.  Let you Abba Father embrace you. You are his child and he will place his angels of love and protection around you.


    In His name, Jill Earnhardt, RN, FCN, Parish Nurse


  • women of faith

    The Parish Nurse Ministry sponsors Women of Faith Bible Study every 2nd Thursday, with few exceptions, at 10:00 a.m. in the Conference Room and picks a place to eat afterwards.

  • We are excited to continue our partnership with OneBlood (formerly Community Blood Center of the Carolinas).

    2020 blood drives are scheduled on the second Monday in February, May, August, and November from 2:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall with a goal of 35 units. 


    Average in and out times is less than an hour.  Making an appointment helps to prevent a back-log of donors during the collection period. 


    Appointments may be made by contacting Alice Davis.

  • Parish Nursing coordinates with Rowan Helping Ministries their needs for the month.


    Please check your weekly Epistle for the ongoing needs of this needed ministry.


    Thank you for your generous and thoughtful gifts to those less fortunate!

  • Rowan One Church One Child is a partnership between Rowan County Department of Social Services and Rowan County churches whose purpose is to ensure healthy, safe and protective outcomes for Rowan County children and teenagers who are victimized and traumatized by sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, neglect, or dependency who are currently receiving Child Protective, In-Home Case Management, Foster Care or Adoption services from the RCDSS Children Services Division. ROCOC's goal is to keep birth families intact or assist relative caregivers who provide care to children. Please contact Jon Hunter at (704) 216-7914 for more information about this program.

    St. Paul's Lutheran Church sponsors Rowan One Church One Child.  During the year, Parish Nursing highlights items that are needed for this ministry.  We thank you for your generosity and support.  Please continue to review your weekly Epistle and monthly Epistle for how you can help.

  • What is a parish nurse?

    The Parish Nurse Ministry is designed to build on and strengthen the capabilities of individuals, families, and the church congregation, to understand and care for themselves and one another in light of their relationship to God.


    Parish Nursing is a program focusing on holistic concepts of health care and the belief that health involves the integration of body, mind, and spirit.


    CHS in collaboration with the St. Paul's Health Ministry Cabinet and church leadership, supports the Parish Nurse Ministry in an effort to positively impact the health status of the church community.  The St. Paul's Health Ministry Cabinet is composed of volunteers who are interested in a holistic approach to health care.

  • Goals of the Parish Nurse Ministry

    •Personal Health Counselor:  The Parish Nurse advocates for individuals by discussing health concerns and offering knowledge of health options while supporting individuals as they make choices to meet their health needs.


    •Pastoral Partner:  In collaboration with the Pastor and staff, the Parish Nurse participates in the ongoing transformation of the faith community into a source of health and healing.


    •Referral Service:  The Parish Nurse serves as a liaison between the church and community resources.


    •Health Education:  The Parish Nurse collaborating with the St. Paul's Health Cabinet provides information for the church community through bulletin inserts, seminars, group support, and health screening activities.


    •Facilitator and Resource:  The Parish Nurse identifies health and wellness needs within the faith community collaborating with the St. Paul's Health Cabinet to coordinate health resources within the congregation.

  • how to contact the parish nurse

       Did you know that the church has a direct line for you to reach our Parish Nurse, Jill Earnhardt, RN, FCN, during the week and weekends?  The phone line was added to allow for your privacy  concerning sensitive health questions and/or concerns.  Your calls will be returned within 24-48 hours.

       To reach her, please call (704) 431-6633.

       You can also email Jill Earnhardt, RN, FCN, Parish Nurse.


  • who is our parish nurse

    Jill Earnhardt, RN, is the Parish Nurse for St. Paul's Lutheran Church.  Jill is native to Rowan County and graduated from East Rowan High School.  She is a graduate of Stanly Community College with a degree in Respiratory Therapy as well as a Registered Nurse. She is married to Perry Earnhardt and has 2 beautiful daughters, Jenna Earnhardt Shay and Ivy Earnhardt. In her spare time she is very active in her church, enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys spending time with her faithful companion, her dog Judge and her chickens.  She is engaged in a special educational program for Parish Nursing and is associated with Carolinas Health Care System.


    Jill is a warm individual skilled in the art of caring.  Professional and well-qualified, she is ready to treat you as a whole person, taking into account your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being with confidentiality.