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  • Mason Lee Smith

    Mason Lee Smith was born March 12, 2020 to Brandon and Hailey Powlas Smith.

  • nora miriam canup

    Nora Miriam Canup was born April 8, 2020 to Josh and Danielle Canup.

  • Rachel marie ziegler

    Rachel Marie Ziegler was born April 8, 2020 to Luke and Angela Ziegler.

  • annie james lefko

    Annie James Lefko was born April 19, 2020 to Michael and Andrea Earnhardt Lefko.

Corona Virus / COVID-19

Return to On-site Worship!


  Worship will be in the sanctuary starting May 31st in groups of 50 or less.  We are scheduling two worship services in the sanctuary at 9 & 11 a.m. with each using one side of the sanctuary only. 

  We ask you to call the church office before noon on Friday to reserve a spot for a particular service.  If necessary, we will add a 3rd service in the Fellowship Hall in future weeks.  We will admit worshippers starting at 5 minutes before the service time (listen for Carillon gong).  Please maintain 6 feet distancing before, during, and after worship.  (Obviously, your household members can be closer.)    

  Please bring your mask and wear it when entering and leaving.  We will have a limited number of masks available.  We will use physical distance, rather than physical shields, to separate Pastor Miller from the congregation while he is preaching.

  Online and phone-in worship options will continue. Please be patient while the “live” recording is uploaded sometime after the 9 a.m. service.  You will also be able to park in the Church lot and tune into the live services at 104.5 on your FM radio.

  Many of you may not deem it wise to return yet.  Opting to preserve the life entrusted to you by God is to be Biblically affirmed.  In these pandemic times, God assuredly welcomes your honoring of the Sabbath from whatever safe location is available to you.  If you are at high risk, we invite you to opt for the earliest service time.  If you have symptoms and/or believe yourself to have been exposed to Covid19, we invite you to worship from home.  The Church Council has undertaken a long list of procedures to heighten your safety, but in humility we can give no guarantee of your safety.

  These are times of flux.  We will make weekly adjustments.  We will keep you informed by email promptly and postal mail (less   often).  Presume that regular church activities on-site remain suspended unless specifically told otherwise.  We will have the Men’s Fellowship meeting in the picnic shelter on June 11 and learn lessons from that for continuing to resume more activities.

Peace be with you!

Rev. Dr. Brad Miller